Within markdown documentation (docs plugin) we have links to markdown documents that are not hosted within docusaurus. This results in a warning
[WARNING] Docs markdown link couldn't be resolved: (../../tutorial-extras/manage-docs-versions.md) in /Users/kirilldubovitskiy/docusaurus-bug-repro/docs/tutorial-basics/congratulations.md for version current
Docusaurus takes remark plugin and I tried rewriting the links. This approach works for fixing any link but links to other markdown documents.
Seems like webpack loader is detecting this broken link before remark gets a chance to fix it. Reproduction https://github.com/bra1nDump/docusaurus-link-rewrite-repro/blob/9cf5a6709ed25065037c05de6fff6057eba84d43/docusaurus.config.js#L15