Relay.dev defaults to the latest versioned docs. It also will have unreleased features that are documented in the unversioned docs, but not in the latest versioned docs.
If I fix a typo in the latest unversioned docs, I would not like to go through the extra effort of fixing the latest versioned docs. However, I would not like to remove the latest version and re-version the docs, as that would copy all unreleased features to the latest versioned docs.
Would it be possible to have a docusaurus subcommand that takes changes that are currently staged or in the working dir in the unversioned (latest) docs, and applies them to the latest versioned docs? Or, even better, to an arbitrary versioned doc (since many previous docs will have some overlap.)
Alternatively, is there some git-fu (and hg-fu) that can make this happen?
Thank you!